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A Practical Pursuit is a blog about lifelong learning. Whether you’re here to learn about business or to improve your life in some small way via useful hacks or new skills, A Practical Pursuit provides clear, logical lessons to help you scale up your efforts. There are so many ways to learn new skills online, but one of my favorite ways to learn is to read. To this end, I’ve ready 52 books per year for several years. If you’d like to know how I manage it, this blog will tell you. There’s something for everyone here, because where lifelong learning is concerned, anything can be a practical pursuit.



practical pursuit
Photo by: Jerrine Plunket

Trevor Schmidt tries to be a renaissance man. Keyword: tries. In 2017, he earned his MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno, with emphasis in Entrepreneurship. He is the Operations Manager for Tahoe Trail Bar, a rapidly growing energy bar company based in Reno, Nevada. Also, he is the author of six novels and several shorter works. For fun, he’s read more than 52 books per year for some time now, amassing a broad library. One might also find him exploring cookbooks or learning a random skill. Mandolin anyone?

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