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Croatian Book Announcement

Some time ago, I found out that a publisher in Croatia wanted to translate one of my books into Croatian. What an incredible opportunity!

I’ve written six novels and several short stories, mostly in the science fiction genre. So far, everything has been in English. I typically publish a Kindle version and sometimes a paperback or audiobook version. This will be my first foreign language edition.

It took a while for the translation to come through and for the book to be published, but really no longer than going through any traditional publisher (6-9 months). I just received a couple of copies in the mail today and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Now, I just need to book a trip to Croatia!

quantum trigger

Quantum Trigger Book Description:

“Liam Kidd, a former smuggler for Vesta Corporation, Earth’s largest and most corrupt asteroid mining company, is on the run. But Vesta isn’t ready to let Liam go. They’ve sent their best enforcer to hunt him down. If caught, he will become a slave laborer on an asteroid mining colony to pay off his debts. Eventually, he forms a team of miscreants and they are thrust through a wormhole to a place no other humans have traveled. Just when things seem to be going their way, they find themselves in a thousand-year-old conflict between three alien species. Now, Liam’s only chance of getting home lies in finding a device rumored to be capable of opening a singularity. He and his crew must face the horrors of war to return to their own system, a challenge that might prove deadly.”

Quantum Trigger can be found on Amazon. Book 2, Reaper Corps, is available for pre-order here.

Reaper Corps Description:

“A brutal tournament. A stolen artifact. A nefarious rumor. Stranded in a distant part of the Milky Way, Captain Liam Kidd and crew are hot on the trail of a new lead which could finally mean their return home. However, when they arrive on the jungle planet Narra to further their search, what they find redefines their mission. Now, the crew must face an adversary not seen in a generation. An adversary without compassion; without reason; bred for a single purpose. Will Captain Kidd and his crew discover the truth before it’s too late? Or will they fall prey to the REAPER CORPS?”

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